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We understand what your clients expect. In today’s uncertain and competitive business landscape, communication is a key element to your success. To reach out to your clients and potential clients, the quality of your communication needs to reflect the high standards you know you can deliver. At GTA Translation Services, we strive to deliver high quality translations promptly, while ensuring that your message is accurately delivered to your target audience

"The quality of your communication needs to reflect    the high standards you know you can deliver"

Sectors of Expertise

We translate across a wide range of sectors and focus our expertise in the following sectors:


Our team members are experienced in the financial and investment sectors. We work with major Investment companies and understand the industry standards and expectations. From financial commentaries to sales presentations, we do it all.


We have the ability to translate non-official legal documents. Our translators in the field are highly qualified and fully comprehend how sensitive and confidential legal documents can be. From legal reports to business contracts, we can assist with a wide variety of projects.


The translation in technical fields such as engineering cannot be entrusted to just anybody. At GTA Translation Services, we assign technical translations to only highly qualified and experienced translators. From users manuals to quality control programs, we offer the highest degree of professionalism in the industry.


The world of literary translations is a fascinating one. Translating literary texts is however an extremely perilous exercise as it is about transposing thoughts and emotions from one culture to the other. Beyond linguistic and translation skills, it is crucial that the professional to whom your project is assigned has been immersed both in the source and target culture. The diversity of our team and network enables us to strike the right balance between elegance and a faithful rendering of the text.

"We translate across a wide range of sectors"

Teaming up with the right team of professionals is

critical for your business

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