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A good translation is produced using the appropriate terminology and content created in such a way that readers are able to not only understand the words but also the original context.  Whatever text you’re seeking to translate, it is vital that you get your point across in a meaningful way and accurately, rather than leaving it up to the reader to formulate their own interpretation.

GTA Translation provides certified translation services in Canada and has a network of experienced translators and proofreaders who work together to achieve the goal of delivering accurate and culturally sensitive translations to clients located worldwide.

  • HUMAN SPECIALIST TRANSLATORS SHOULD BE HIRED – The best translation service providers always make sure that original text translated into another language does not lose any of its initial meaning or context. Hire translators who are vigilant and have total mastery the target language, understand the intention of the author and preserve the meaning of the original content. Human specialist translators are required in to ensure that the context of material is thoroughly apparent in the resulting translated piece. Machines, of course, cannot be used to deliver a certified translation service.

  • DO NOT RELY ON COMPUTERIZED TRANSLATION FOR CONTEXT – A decision to rely on computerized translation tools will not derive the same benefits as compared to those who are utilizing the services of professional human translators. Expert translators recognize and acknowledge the in-context translation of all content. This means that when a word has multiple meanings, including nouns and verbs, the translator will honor the context and ensure that the resulting content is as understandable as the original. Computerized translation tools do not have the ability to understand or recognize context, which produces incoherent and senseless texts that do not meet the standards for certified translations.

  • CONTEXT SHOULD BE REFLECTED IN THE RESULTING OUTPUT – In successful translations required by businesses and professionals, context plays a vital role. If the content of the original document lacks context, certified translators would be required to do rigorous research to determine the context before translating. Regardless of the field one operates in, be it finance, legal, engineering or literature, context is vital to make sure that the professional tone of the resulting text is honored. It is the context in any curated content that determines how information is received and interpreted by a target audience. Context tells the reader about the environment in which it has been written and is intended to be received. This is why companies offering certified translation services in Canada make sure that the context of the original information is reflected in the resulting output.


  • THE TRANSLATOR SHOULD FULLY UNDERSTAND THE ORIGINAL CONTENT – A translator should make sure that he/she has fully understood the original content. A sound understanding of context of the original content will get automatically reflected in the tone of the translated content. This means that translators need to take into account the industry in which their work will be used, the target audience and how the resulting content will be utilised. In doing so, they can be sure that they have sound foundations which enable them to mirror the tone, relevance, and formalities of the original text or verbal record.

Computerized translation systems are not able to effectively recognize the context of the original content which makes human translators indispensable to ensure that the appropriate meanings, words, and phrases are applied without impacting on the added tone. Being a leading provider of professional and certified translation services in Canada, we take context very seriously when translating your documents and make sure that the context does not get lost or changed in the translated material.


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