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Determining rates for Translation Services


When a company or individual needs to get a document translated, the first thing that pops up in their mind is “the cost of translation.” The translation market is very complex and inhomogeneous. There are many factors which influence the rate and prices of translation – ranging from the location of the country to the language combination and the subject field and scope of work. No wonder it is very much difficult to find a perfect balance between the translation rate and quality if you have never opted to work with Professional translation services in Toronto.


LANGUAGE COMBINATION – Every market has its own rules and regulations, but there is a universal law which is diligently followed in every industry. This is the law of supply and demand. Usually, high demand i.e., popular language combination and high supply mean lower translation rates, while high demand and low supply mean higher translation rates.

SUBJECT FIELD – Likewise, the text for a travel blog, the translation of technical or legal texts, be it design documentation or international treaty, varies. Translation of industry-specific texts requires special skills and knowledge. Hence, you should be well aware of the fact that translation of general subject text will cost less as compared to translation of industry-specific texts, like legal, medical, technical and others.

TOTAL VOLUME – When there are large volumes of texts that need to be translated and they are part of ongoing translation projects, some agencies apply discounts. If you have a large translation project usually more than 20 pages, then it might be possible that you may get a volume discount from your service provider. However, you should take into account that not all translators, be it the company or the freelancers offer this type of discounts.

TARGET AUDIENCE – Keeping in view the target audience, the translated text is subjected to different processing stages. For instance, if you need translation of documents that require top level of quality and accuracy, translation rate for such tasks can be significantly higher. In this case, translation is not just enough to get the required results.

However, in case of scientific translation that needs to be published in a foreign scientific magazine, rates will be higher as this type of translation requires additional quality control, adaptation to the need of a specific audience, review of style, terminology and tone of voice, not to mention special requirements in terms of formatting. A dedicated team comprising several members, from translators to copy editors, needs to be formed to work on your project. All that consequently results in higher translation prices.

FILE FORMAT – There are available different types of file formats. Most of us use MS Word, Excel or PowerPoint for everyday needs. However, there are many other file formats used in various industries. For instance, engineers use AutoCAD software to prepare drawings, designers use CorelDraw, Photoshop, and other tools to develop their concepts.

All these software tools save documents in different file formats, hence you should look for a translator who is familiar with these softwares and can work with certain formats. In some cases, this may result in extra costs.

Taking into account all major factors enlisted above, you can now calculate the cost of your translation project. Additionally, you can also ask different companies, providing professional translation services in Toronto, to send you translation quotes. This would help you choose the best translator for the job.


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