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Best Practices for Businesses venturing in Francophone countries


Businesses who want to establish themselves abroad must be ready to face all sorts of cultural, commercial, financial and legal challenges. These factors vary from one country to another in many ways. Therefore, before setting out to conquer new markets, it is vital to have the right partners on board. A reliable Translation Agency will definitely help in reaching out to the local audience.

Companies need to have an understanding of the international context and more specifically of the market they are targeting. The quality of your communication needs to reflect your high standards and for that, you should spare no stone unturned in trying to find the best language service provider that can operate as your English to French Translator in Canada. Businesses simply cannot bypass the services of Language service providers who are pretty much the only ones who can make sure your message gets through to your target audience.

Follow these four easy steps to ensure that nothing gets overlooked so you can achieve your goal in the given timeframe:

  • VALUES – Thoroughly research for the values, traditions, history and customs of the target countries. The target audience will appreciate your respect for their language and culture if you communicate with them in their native language. This will make them feel that you actually took the necessary steps to understand their needs and address them in their language. Moreover, etiquette rules vary from one country to another and being able to adapt is key.             

  • INTEREST – When you show a high level of interest in the target market or business partners/clients, it expresses your appreciation of their way of conducting and handling business. In some countries, it might seem normal to start with a lengthy exchange about the health or even the family of your future partner before negotiations begin, but in some countries, it's next to considered a waste of time until the work has been delivered as expected by the client. Always be confident, but not overconfident in your approach.                                                                                                                               

  • COMMUNICATION – Every language is a maze of subtleties. Despite the fact that many business people across the globe speak English, the influence of a native communication on your target audience cannot be underestimated. However, this does not mean that you have to train your whole staff in the native language. It might suffice to understand and speak some of the key phrases in the language of the person you are negotiating with. Recruiting local staff for daily business activities is highly recommended.                                                                                                                    

  • UNIQUENESS – Each culture across the world is different and therefore unique. This means that you should not start dealing with the clients or negotiate with the client in the same manner as you do in your native country or anywhere else. First, learn the customs of each country where you want to establish your business before taking a step forward in finalizing deals.                                                                                                                                                                                              

Setting up a business is beneficial for any company that takes the time to prepare a proper strategy. As you embark on a journey towards the signing contracts, make sure to gather information, get your marketing materials and other documents translated from a translation agency providing that can act as your English to French translator in Canada, so that your message is accurately delivered to your target audience, while gathering information on the target market. Working with a professional translation agency is one key step in preparing for success in international markets.


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