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What Law Firms be looking for in a Translation Agency?


Legal translation service providers play a vital role in the practice of law. Translation of legal documents requires a high level of expertise that goes beyond the use of regular translation tools to provide effective translations. Leading professional translators in Canada are not only well versed in legal terminology but also possess an understanding of the functioning of the legal system. The Legal Translation Team at GTA translation offers this kind of expertise. Its members are all well versed in legal terminology and jargon and are able to translate any legal document without misinterpretation, thereby preserving the intent of the writer.


To effectively translate legal documentation, translators should meet the following requirements:


KNOWLEDGE OF THE LAW – Most translators do not understand the multifaceted nuances of litigation, the technical process of acquiring a trademark, or criminal court procedure. Hence, it is imperative for translators to have knowledge of bylaws, the legal system and culture of the specific area for which the translation destined. Law Firms should hire only experienced legal translators as it will give them peace of mind that all legal requirements will be met.


PUNCTUALITY IS A MUST – Delivering the documents in the given time frame is just as important as the quality of translation itself. GTA Translation is able to work directly with different file formats, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, InDesign, and PDFs for all legal translations (POAs, Wills, Contracts etc.), including urgent ones. Reliable legal translators always respect submission deadlines as they understand that a document delivered late might be inadmissible in court. A stringent approach to translations with regards to quality, accuracy, consistency, and time management is absolutely essential, regardless of the conditions. Lawyers and Legal service providers realise the importance of timely submission of legal documents and understand that they should find a reliable Translation Company that can provide quality legal translations efficiently.


ACCURACY – One wrong word used in the translation could cost a lawyer his/her case or business deal. Even the slightest change can alter the meaning of an entire document. When lawyers hire our legal translators, our team pays close attention to word choice, syntax, terminology, language requirements and overall grammar, and punctuation. Moreover, before finalizing and sending it back, at least two professionals revise your document. If the document is a sensitive one, an additional quality control step may be established as another reviser intervenes in the process.


FAMILIARITY WITH LEGAL TERMINOLOGY – In Legal Translation, thorough understanding of the language and knowledge of the subject matter plays the vital role. Translators should also have expertise in the laws and legal terminology pertinent to the subject in order to achieve accurate translation of a legal document. Keeping all these factors in mind, legal translations are attributed to specific translators according to their specialty :

  • Litigation

  • Family law

  • Corporate law

  • Property law

  • Tax and accounting law

  • Patent law, etc.


CONFIDENTIALITY – GTA Translation recruits only the best professional translators in Canada, constantly making sure that your legal translations and interpretations are strictly confidential and precise. To ensure an accurate translation and to maintain the confidential level of your product, our translators communicate with you on an ongoing basis. Legal documents contain private information and sensitive issues and we take this very seriously and are always willing to sign non-disclosure agreements. Your document is delivered back to you with full confidentiality.

As a recruiter of the best professional translators in Canada, we maintain a network of experienced translators and proofreaders working together to achieve your goal of delivering accurate and culturally sensitive legal translations.


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