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A “native speaker of French” refers to someone who grew up using and learning French in all his/her day to day activities. It does not necessarily mean a native speaker can speak or write only one language, but rather that this language represents his/her primary means of concept formation and communication. It means having lived in a French-speaking culture during one's formative years so that French has been absorbed effortlessly by the native speaker.

Speaking "like a native" of any language means more than just knowing vocabulary and grammar. Many educated foreign speakers speak better formal French as compared to the native ones. A native speech constitutes knowing what cultural or social reference the word or the sentence signifies and how to avoid syntax errors while still conveying the same and exact meaning.

How can native speakers working with a translation agency contribute meaningfully to any language translation project?

LANGUAGES ARE COMPLEX CREATURES – Every language is a maze of subtleties. The English language has words borrowed from other languages, numerous homophones, and idioms that even the native speakers have trouble explaining, but comprehend effortlessly. You may be able to walk around Paris and do fine with your excellent French, but that does not mean you will instantly grasp the meaning of a phrase like ‘ça plane pour moi’ (literally, it is gliding for me) which actually means ‘I feel great’.

ELIMINATE THE MISCOMMUNICATION FACTOR WITH YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE – When you translate your texts using translation software, chances are the translated texts might not sound natural and native to the target audience. With this, you'll be at risk of miscommunicating with your target audience. But professional translators, who are native speakers, look at the context of the material being translated to produce natural sounding translations.

COMPANY OR BRAND REPUTATION – When you hire a translation agency, they have a team of professional native translators who work on the given project to ensure your target audience appreciates your respect of their language and culture. This makes them feel that you actually took the necessary steps to understand their needs and address  them in their language.

EFFICIENCY – Hiring a professional translation agency allows you to focus on your company's goals, sales and growth. Companies who incorporate a global marketing strategy in the day to day functioning of the organization need to get their marketing message and sales material translated. It becomes essential for them to hire a professional, native translator. Not only does it open the door for new sales opportunities, growth and brand awareness, but it leads to customer satisfaction!

The point is that translation is a tricky business. If you need to get your documents translated from English to French, the best practice is to seek help from a translation agency renowned for being a reliable English to French Translator in Canada, or in any country where you can find native speakers of the target language who work hard to achieve the goal of delivering accurate and culturally sensitive translations.


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