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Quality Control

 Our translation process is subject to a rigorous quality control:

1. Once your document is received, a task completion schedule is established and it is assigned to the appropriate professional.

2. Your document is translated and revised. To ensure an accurate translation and a prompt delivery of your product, we communicate with you on an ongoing basis. We want to make sure we are translating using the appropriate context and we want to know if your requirements have changed. If your document has changed or if you need a rush delivery, we can help.

3. Your document is sent to an experienced reviser who checks the document. Necessary changes are made in consultation with the translator. If the document is a sensitive one, an additional quality control step could be established as another reviser intervenes in the process.

4. Your document is laid out in the appropriate format.

5. Your document is delivered to you. We expect a confirmation of delivery to make sure your product has been well received. 


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