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Is Translation a necessary evil or a Marketing tool?


In today's global market, one of the main objectives of companies is to extend and spread their business to foreign markets so as to create a global presence. In order to succeed, organizations must adopt a holistic approach to translation by taking into account how buyers or organizations in other countries will receive and interpret their message.


It is essential for businesses who require language services to partner with Professional Translation Agencies to make their international marketing campaign a successful one. With some 6,900 languages spoken across the world, the language services industry is constantly growing to meet demands of clients who wish to reach an international target audience.

Why is Translation a Marketing Tool?

  • INFLUENCES DECISIONS – Language matters in the global marketplace as it affects consumers' buying decisions. A survey found that a majority of people will pay more for a product carrying information in their own language. In short, people prefer to buy products in their native language. Even though many people across the globe speak English, the influence that a native brand has on purchase decisions is altogether different.

  • MAINTAINS A COMPETITIVE EDGE – Although skipping translation might help you save money today, it will definitely cost you in the long run, especially if you work across cultures and countries. Companies in the global market are looking for new ways to stand out against their competitors. Not only does translation improve comfort level for purchasers, but it is also evidence that you are willing to go above and beyond to tailor your product to their community.

  • IMPROVES NATIVE BRAND EXPERIENCE – For a successful global marketing campaign, it is crucial that you understand two things 1) The different needs of your consumers, and 2) The difference between localization and translation. Understanding the norms, values, and nuances of a particular culture and adapting your marketing efforts to those ideas should be part of your marketing process. In order to meet these cultural demands, the content needs to be transcreated. Even images, colour selections, and payment options can make a tremendous difference to how international clients perceive your products.

  • GLOBAL PRESENCE – Depending on what languages you are dealing with, apparently same languages may translate differently in different countries, as words may convey different meanings depending on the location you are targeting. Effective translation will increase your global presence. In many ways, the world is getting smaller. There are many ways by which you can reach out to international markets. By choosing one of the Translation

Agencies in Toronto, you are guaranteed a level of service few other places can offer.

 You need to connect with your audience on a personal level. Translation of your marketing, financial, legal and literary documents is necessary to target the audience, make customers more comfortable with your brand, and build a strong reputation in multiple markets. Fortunately, GTA Translation – one of the few reliable Translation Agencies in Toronto, offers all of these services to organizations like yours.


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