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Translation Process

Our translation process is subject to a rigorous quality control:

1. Once your document is received, a task completion schedule is established and it is assigned to the appropriate professional.

2. Your document is translated and revised. To ensure an accurate translation and a prompt delivery of your product, we communicate with you on an ongoing basis. We want to make sure we are translating using the appropriate context and we want to know if your requirements have changed. If your document has changed or if you need a rush delivery, we can help.

3. Your document is sent to an experienced reviser who checks the document. Necessary changes are made in consultation with the translator. If the document is a sensitive one, an additional quality control step could be established as another reviser intervenes in the process.

4. Your document is laid out in the appropriate format.

5. Your document is delivered to you. We expect a confirmation of delivery to make sure your product has been well received.

Interpretation Process

Interpreters representing GTA Translation are selected under strict criteria. We focus on three elements to make sure our clients' experience is fully positive:

1. Qualifications

All our interpreters are qualified and have actively studies Interpretation sciences.

2. Experience

All our interpreters are experienced professionals. They have worked with courts,embassies, law offices, health facilities, conferences. We do not recruit student interpreters for client assignments.

3. Communication skills

Rapport is crucial when conducting interpretation. In delicate circumstances where sensitive and confidential exchanges happen, communication skills become crucial to create a comfort zone for communication to flow and be rendered faithfully.


Team Quality

We form a network of experienced translators and proofreaders working together to achieve our goal of delivering accurate and culturally sensitive translations. We pride ourselves on the broad range of experience our team benefits from. We specialize in financial, marketing, legal and literary translations, from English to French and French to English.

Our aim is to provide you with a customized translation solution that reflects the culture of your company and respects your communication guidelines. When we take on a project for you, we want to ensure that you are satisfied with the end product. This is why we work closely with your people so we can understand as much as possible the context in which you operate. We will be in touch on a regular basis in order to clarify terminological issues. Gradually, as our relationship evolves, we build a terminological database for your company and customize it according to your preferences. This enables us to work more efficiently for you as the turnaround period on projects and costs are reduced. This process also allows us to work towards striking the right balance between your preferred style and terminology. Customizing a dedicated database for you also helps us to make sure that your communication remains consistent throughout.

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