Translation process often seems to be a puzzling task to those who are not in regular touch with this industry or do not work for the industry. The information handled by the agency providing certified translation services in Canada is always as accurate and explicit as demanded by the clients. More or less each of the involved parties has same expectations when they avail certified document translation services for they pay the amount as charged.......Continue reading

There are many clients who want to get their InDesign files translated. While the Adobe software is considered great for simplifying (and enhancing) document layout, both for print and digital files. But, its translation process requires additional steps than say, a Word document, since few professional translators in Canada have access to the program ......Continue reading

Good quality translations require excellent grasp of the target and source languages along with an in-depth knowledge of the cultural background of both languages being translated. Each language represents its own worldview and certain thoughts in one language cannot be expressed in equivalent ways in another. The task of recreating the same effect or the feelings in the target language becomes infinitely more complex when dealing literary translations that need to address peculiar cultural contexts. ......Continue reading


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