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Translation Agency or Freelance Translator – Which is Best?

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Are you looking for a company which can provide professional translation services in Canada, but confused whether to go for a freelance translator or outsource the complete work to a translation agency? Way too often, it becomes a tedious task to choose between a translation agency and a freelance translator. There are advantages and disadvantages to both and you must determine your needs before taking a decision. Here are a few things you need to consider when deciding between a translation agency and a freelance translator in Mississauga:

1 –Budget

2 –Volume

3 –Time Frame

BUDGET – No matter what your budget is, the best practice is to hire a translation agency instead of a freelance translator because a translation agency already works with experienced freelance translators, editors, and proofreaders who can combine forces to achieve the goal of delivering accurate and culturally sensitive translations. They can also ensure that your message is accurately delivered to your target audience.

VOLUME– If you need to get a small translation done only once, then the best option could be to hire a freelancer. But remember, there is a difference between speaking a language and translating into that language. It is very hard to know if the freelance translator you are hiring is actually cut for the job. On the hand, a translation agency is more suitable because they have the expertise to evaluate the work of freelance translators and will only collaborate with some of the best professionals available in your field. This guarantees that you will be in good hands whether you need one off translations or need translations done on a regular basis.

TIME FRAME – A single translator cannot work as fast as an agency, simply because he/she must do everything himself/herself, from translating and editing, to proof-reading. An individual translator can only work on a specific amount of words per day, which can also vary with text complexity or formatting. If you have a large volume of work to get translated, you will need to provide enough time to the freelancer to get the project delivered on time.

A translation agency, on the other hand, can simultaneously work on all your projects to get them delivered within the desired time-frame. If you are faced with a very tight deadline, it is advisable to find a reliable Translation agency like ours, based in Mississauga. Agencies have a pool of experienced translators, editors, proof-readers, adapters and transcriptionists who are highly competent in putting together a translation within your stipulated timeframe.

In short, the best way to decide whether to hire a translation agency or a freelance translator is to start by determining the needs of your business. Both have advantages and disadvantages, but the key is to find the one that suits you best. GTA Translation offers translation services in Canada across a wide range of sectors. We offer urgent legal translation services in Mississauga along with translation services in the financial and investment sectors, the literary world, and all technical fields. Our highly-qualified translators know how sensitive and confidential legal documents can be. From legal reports to business contracts, we can assist with a wide variety of projects.

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